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Hi all,

I have a long-standing issue about the use of some Lua modules from LuaJava.
I still don't know if this is a local issue (something broken in my Lua install ?) or if this is more serious. So I'd like to know if anyone can report a *success*
on Linux with the import in the LuaJava Console of a Lua C module available
only as a dynamic library ?

I just never managed to get this case right. A typical test is the LuaExpat C module. It works fine in Lua(C), but the "require 'lxp'" fails in the LuaJava
Console. Other tests show that I cannot load any such ".so" module from
LuaJava. I believe that I does not work because the Java JNI loads the lua lib but does not make its symbols available to modules that may be loaded later.
I'd liked to be proved wrong ;) ...

LuaJava is a very interesting project. If that issue could be overcome, I'd
happily use it to replace the direct use of the JNI to call C libs from Java.