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BIOS switches eh?

Is there any tutorial on how to do this?


Ketmar Dark wrote:
On Mon, 04 Jun 2007 13:26:42 -0400
L-28C <> wrote:

1) Is there any game dev library on this platform? Can LuAllegro
somehow be compiled here?
i think you can compile a static version. but it neeeds some tweaking
and makefile-magic.

2) How do you send escape sequences (like \x1b in C)?
DOS is not Linux nor VT-100 emulator. %-) use int 10h or direct memory
access (yes, you need to write a C module for this %-).
3) [Example] How do you make command-line progress bars without ANSI?
I see many programs using them, however I don't know how they do
it... I thought "send multiple backspaces and redraw it", but that
would cause flicker wouldn't it?
and again you can use Video BIOS API (int 10h) or direct memory access.
or install ANSI.SYS. %-) but you'd better write C module. %-)

regarding your question about keyboard handling: int 16h. %-)

i'm not an expert in DJGPP and don't know much 'bout it's standard
libraries, but i bet you can found something in internet. from simple
things like "write colored character and read a key" to complete window
systems. exporting their functionality to Lua should be trivial.