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Yeah, I'll use ANSI.SYS. I found out I didn't need the \x escape sequences, I can just do CTRL+P and ALT+27 to generate the \x1b that I need.

Now, a fourth question:

4) How can I read a single character? waits for Enter to be pressed, I need it to not do that...


Stefan Sandberg wrote:
You can do all sorts of funky stuff in textmode in dos.. I wrote a textmode renderer once, but I doubt I can find it anymore..

This is a good place for resources..

L-28C wrote:
Hello everyone!

So I finally got Lua to compile under DJGPP... Now I have a few questions:

1) Is there any game dev library on this platform? Can LuAllegro somehow be compiled here?

2) How do you send escape sequences (like \x1b in C)?

3) [Example] How do you make command-line progress bars without ANSI? I see many programs using them, however I don't know how they do it... I thought "send multiple backspaces and redraw it", but that would cause flicker wouldn't it?

Thanks in advance!