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Hi all,

I am new so please be excuse this question if it is simple. I am trying to create a module in lua that has a function that registers a table in a, local to that module, table. I am having a problem getting the table that is passed into the register function to actually be added in the index of the table. I think an example will make this question a bit easier to see.

<widgetbase.lua - Base module that a bunch of other files will use to register there existence>
-- import dependencies
local table = require( 'table' )
local print = print
local pairs = pairs
local type = type

-- Create a new module
module( ... )

-- Table of all the registered widgets.
-- This can be used later to iterate through them and pick out the
-- properties of interest.
registeredWidgets = {}

-- FUNCTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Returns the registered widgets container.
-- @return Table that contains all the registered widgets.
function GetRegisteredWidgets()
    return registeredWidgets

-- Registers the widget with the common table, that will contain all the available
-- widgets and their properties.
-- This is one big table that all the widgets  and there inherited classes will be in.
-- The key is the widget's name.
-- @param name The name of the table that will hold all the widgets properties.
-- @param widget This is a table containing the total widget after all items have been created.
function RegisterWidget( name, widget )
    registeredWidgets[name] = widget

<common.lua - Here is a lua file that uses the RegisterWidget()>
-- Include the module "WidgetBase" to make this an official widget.
WidgetBase = require( "widgetbase" )

-- Create a table that will hold all the properties.
local window = {}

-- Add the properties to the widget.                = WidgetBase.wxID_ANY
window.pos                = { x = -1, y = -1 }
window.size            = { width = -1, height = -1 }
window.minimum_size    = { width = -1, height = -1 }
window.maximum_size    = { width = -1, height = -1 }

-- Register the widget with the Lua engine after all the properties have been created.
WidgetBase.RegisterWidget( "window", window )

<test.lua - Now to test all this>
-- Load the base classed first.
dofile( "common.lua" )

-- Lets see if we can get at the list of registered widgets.
print( "---- registeredWidgets ----" );
for name, var in pairs( WidgetBase.GetRegisteredWidgets() ) do
    print( name, "\t", val );
print ("---- END - registeredWidgets ----\n\n");

--- OUTPUT ---
---- registeredWidgets ----
-- wxWindow                        nil
-- wxButton                        nil
---- END - registeredWidgets ----

Sorry for the large example, but I am really stuck. I didn't expect the 'nil' for the register "name". Can somebody please help?
RJP Computing