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Right, I know that this works, but what if I have say 80 parameters.
My solution in the end was to pass tables into the function.  I think
a cleaner solution might be to use some kind of class structure as
opposed to global functions like I'm doing now.  Anyway, I got the
scoping thing in my head now so I know what doesn't work.


On 5/31/07, Michael Surette <> wrote:

On 5/31/07, Wesley Smith <> wrote:
> Yes, I could, but image there are 30 or 40 of these functions.  The
> constructor would get rather long.  The real goal here is to pass in
> functions that describe behaviors to the constructor.  Sometimes,
> these behavior functions need data from the constructor itself.  I
> guess I could reorganize my constructor to take a table instead of a
> list of values and pass the table into the function instead.  That
> way, I can write a small constructor and general functions outside of
> it.
> wes
> On 5/31/07, Roberto Ierusalimschy <> wrote:
> > > What I'd like is f1's val upvalue to refer to constructor's local
> > > variable val.  Is this possible somehow through environments?
> >
> > Can't you define 'gen1' inside the constructor?
> >
> > -- Roberto
> >

Here's a simple example of what I believe Roberto is suggesting.  It works
well for me.  Am I missing something?

function gen(val)
  return function()