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This isn't any kind of bug :-) But I thought of it as a result of this thread.

What if LuaSocket were divided so that instead of being modulised with two shared libs in subdirectories, it consisted of two core C packages plus the various Lua components?

socket.core and mime.core are terribly useful on their own, so if they were implemented as (say) coresock and coremime, and were require()d accordingly from socket.lua and mime.lua, they could very much more easily be built and used on their own.

In particular, it would then be trivial to build a Lua binary with coresock and coremime compiled in. As it stands, you need to make (admittedly tiny) changes to both the C and Lua files to make this work. Basic socket support, at least for tcp, is close to a core feature of modern scripting...

...some say :-) I never don't link in the C cores statically. I like to avoid dependent files I know I'll always want.