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I'm new to Lua.

I've installed Lua 5.1 (on CentOS 4, a Redhat derivative)
and compiled and installed luasockets (i.e. downloaded the
tar ball, edited the config file to adjust paths, and
executed make and make install, and then created symbolic
links for and because make install did not;
more on that in a separate message).

When I execute lua testsrvr.lua, it says that it's
waiting for connections. So far so good.

When I execute lua testclnt.lua, it barfs out an error message:

LuaSocket Test Procedures
attempting control connection...
testing: method registration
lua: ../test/testclnt.lua:104: attempt to call a table value
stack traceback:
        ../test/testclnt.lua:104: in function 'test_methods'
        ../test/testclnt.lua:504: in main chunk
        [C]: ?

The code in question is:
function test_methods(sock, methods)
    for _, v in methods do
        if type(sock[v]) ~= "function" then
            fail(sock.class .. " method '" .. v .. "' not registered")
    pass(sock.class .. " methods are ok")

I don't know enough about Lua to see what's wrong
with the for-loop above, or to guess a workaround.

Any light you can shed on this problem is much appreciated.

Robert Dodier