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On 5/26/07, Stefan Sandberg <> wrote:
Someone [...] with an
attention span of around one minute is not someone I'd worry too much

I was specifically talking about someone in scanning mode. There are dozens of scripting languages around there, and you have to quickly filter out most of them to focus on the most promozing ones. It's important to let your best assets stand out at first sight, so that you get a second, more carefull look; a comparison might be drawn with dating (for people who have a large choice of potential willing partners, that is).

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about who discovers lua and for what reason

You're welcome not to. However, finding an efficient way to communicate what's special about Lua (in positive and negative ways) seams a worthy goal, for a page dedicated to the Lua language. Generally speaking, thinking not only about what you technically say, but also about how it will will be percieved by your audience is never lost.

(I really have very little clue what this thread is about [...])

About how to present the language in a better-understood way, with an initial focus on the FAQ. Your questionning about whether it's any use to be better understood is therefore not really off-track.

 >Couldn't PUC hire some marketing intern? :D

I suddenly feel a urge to precise that this remark was made tongue-in-cheek.