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Philippe Lhoste wrote:
On 25/05/2007 00:35, Hakki Dogusan wrote:
(Warning! This is a test release. There are too many "not implemented" messages and TODO's.)

- Binding for Cairo-1.4.6
- Uses Luna(r)
- Source included
- Win32 binary included, compiled with Mingw
- There is a snippet runner app, written with wxLua
- Unzip somewhere, run run.bat :)

Very nice and impressive. I suppose the warning above explains why some demos doesn't work for me: imagepattern, libsvg, the three text demos.

I've collect all public API and made stub functions for them. By default stub functions generates "not implemented" error. Then, if a snippet code generates error, turned back and "fill in the blanks"; Yes, I'm not suggesting this method :)

Commented snippets are:
- imagepattern uses cairo_matrix_t
- libsvg uses a discontinued library
- cairo requires utf8 text, I'll investigate

Oh, I see they are commented out in the script, as well as the Save functions.

I tested SavePDF, but it gives a blank pdf file, needs some more investigation. So, I commented out.

Anyway, that's a promising and very interesting binding, thanks!

Thank you for your nice words!

BTW, I first learned about Lua by a message from you, in Scintilla group; so I owe you -a late- thank you!

Hakki Dogusan