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> I'm guessing that since Portugese is the main language in
> Brazil, that a few of the Lua authors might know a word or two...

Yes, we do :)

Usually, we try to avoid Portuguese (or any language other than English)
in the list, so that we do not alienate most list members.

I believe the majority of members of this list are not native English
speakers; some have good English, some have bad English, but most
understand that it may be difficult for non-native speakers (and
sometimes for native speakers, too) to write in English. As long as
people understand what you say, do not bother with your English skills.

But if you really cannot express what you want, it is OK once in a
while to send your message in Portuguese (or any other language you
believe some list members can read).  Just expect to have your replies
in English, and please start your message with a little English note
stating that the message is in Portuguese (or any other language), as a
courtesy for the rest of the list.

-- Roberto