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This is a bounty for a Lua-scripting project.

See the full posting at

Thanks for listening,


rowdycat router configuration

Athena Capital Research is developing a specialized Linux distribution based on Ubuntu Dapper for routing traffic between local subnets across a WAN. The system, called trickdog, is built on redundant OpenVPN star topologies where each node runs Quagga ospfd.

The configuration for doing this becomes complex and error prone as the number of nodes and star topologies increase, and can change in subtle ways as OpenVPN and Quagga improve. As a result, a set of Lua scripts called rowdycat generates much of the OpenVPN and Quagga configuration. Expressing the network topology with Lua is cleaner, more maintainable, and more extensible for future improvements, such as including VRRP support or allowing IPsec as a tunneling method.

Athena is looking for someone to design a better set of scripts for this purpose. The scripts should be generally useful for a large class of medium to large business routing needs, and since we are committed to Open Source, we will release the system under the GNU GPL v2. We expect the entire code base for the project to be well under 1000 lines of Lua code.

*Skills Required*
Completing the project will require a good grasp of Lua and networking concepts. A familiarity with OpenVPN and Quagga is a plus, but not strictly necessary.

This is a contract programming project. Specific terms will be negotiated on a per-individual basis.

*To Apply*
If qualified and interested, please send an email to with rowdycat in the subject line.