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Tim Hunter a écrit :
Has Lua been used in applications running on IBM's z/OS operating system? Are there likely to be any issues around have EBCDIC as the native character encoding?

Building Lua on z/OS is easy under USS (POSIX "side" of z/OS) ==> "make posix"
As is, DLLs support will not work but it's very easy to add...

The relatively big work has been to modify the io library to support "record IOs" (datasets, VSAM...)

EBCDIC is a problem if you use many code pages on your system because '[' , ']' , '{', '}'...
don't have the same internal binary code.

Our Lua is built under USS (with code page 1047) but our other environments (batch,TSO,CICS) are under French code page. So when you invoke Lua from TSO, to enter a '{' you have to type 'é', for '#' type '£' etc... but the worse : the CP-1047 chars: '[' and ']' are unavailable on the French keyboard ( CP-297 )....

We had to modify llex.c to support an alternate syntax:
for example:
   if a~=#b then t[i][j] = { 1,2,3} end
can be entered in a code page neutral form :
   if a<>?b then t.(i).(j) = (* 1,2,3 *) end