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> Funny, I was just at the point of writing exactly that sort of thing,
> though based on my own, more Perl-oriented pack/unpack code.

Well, it kinda asks for it, isn't it? :)

> One quick remark after skimming the code. In pickle() I see this:
> >   elseif t == "string" then
> >     return pack("BBc0", TSTRING, #o, o)
> and further down this:
> >   elseif t == "function" then
> >     local f = dump(o)
> >     return pack("BBc0", TFUNCTION, #f, f)
> If I understand the documentation for Roberto's struct library
> correctly, "BBc0" won't allow strings or functions longer than 255
> bytes. Shouldn't the pack code be "BHc0" (max. 65535) or even "BLc0"?
> (Of course, unpickle() would have to change accordingly.)
> Or am I missing the obvious?

No, I missed the obvious. You are right. I just took this code from one of
Roberto's examples while I was playing with struct and forgot to adapt it
later. Thanks!


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