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Remo Dentato wrote:
I was looking for a way to package my C/lua application in a single executable and the method offered by srlua (thanks Luiz!) is appealing to me because I could offer to advanced users the ability of modifying the lua parts and generate a new executable without requiring a C compiler.

It seems however that srlua deals with a single lua file while I have some modules and lua files that use "require()" to load them.

I've seen the version from Frank Bechmann that allows multiple files to be stored in a zip file (srluaz) but my compiler chokes on unzip.h (part of zlib?) and I would avoid introducing another dependency.

I could change the original srlua to make it handle multiple lua files but before doing that I would ask:
   1) Has anyone an alternative method to suggest?

This is not a great alternative, but it is something I've found to work in simple cases. Compile all modules together and then glue the binary to srlua. The modules must be ordered by dependency in the compile command, and the modules can't use "module(...)".

  luac -o test.lub a.lua test.lua
  glue.exe srlua.exe test.lub test.exe

----- test.lua -----

print("hello again from inside "..arg[0])
for i=0,table.getn(arg) do



----- a.lua -----
local print = print

module("a")  -- Note "module(...)" won't work here

function hello()
  print("hello from module")