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duck <> wrote:
> 1. Is it possible that you might make an A5 version available (actually, I
> mean a version in any A-sized aspect ratio but with eight pages numbered 
> 1..8) so that it can easily be printed in booklet form to be folded and 
> stapled? That would be superhandy. 

Yeah, quite a few people seem to prefer some sort of booklet format. I
will in the end prepare two versions: the old-style 4-pager and an
8-page luxury edition. However, I'd give that another couple of weeks,
until I've collected and included some more feedback.

> 2. I happened to notice "that is, _G == _G" in the text. Whilst I don't doubt
> that's true, I presume you mean "that is, _G._G == _G" :-)

Thanks, corrected.

> 3. I know this is outside the scope of Lua + core libraries, and would ruin
> the four-pageness (i.e. 8-pageness) of the document, but how about an
> "extended version" which squeezes in LuaSocket, too? (Pushing my luck  :-)

The fact is that everybody has his or her own "pet libraries", so for
the time being I'll just concentrate on documented core functionality.
(If I were to use socket calls myself day in, day out, I'd be tempted to
include them. So let's turn the tables: there's always the DIY option...
and once you've got something, I will gladly include it!)

Having said that, Enrico has done another draft, a Short Reference about
the Lua <--> C API. I might, at some point, try to rework that as well.
After that, we'll see: I love refcards, but only up to a point:-)

cheers  thomasl

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