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duck escribió:
It occurred to me that LuaTask (in which each LuaTask gets its own Lua state in a new thread) might be a handy way of writing simple threaded servers. However, only number and string objects can be passed in messages between tasks.

I was wondering:

1. Is there any reliable way to pass an accept()ed LuaSocket object from one LuaTask to another? Can userdata be serialised?

2. If so (and assuming that socket is only ever manipulated in the task to which it's passed), is it safe to pass this sort of data between tasks? Is LuaSocket itself thread-safe?

Has anyone used LuaTask for handling multiple threads which communicate using multiple blocking sockets?

There is no general answer about passing userdata.

But in the LuaSocket case... these object has two methods to manipulate the underlying native machinery: setfd and getfd.
You can get the native socket with getfd and pass it as an integer value.
If you use skt:setfd( -1 ) the native socket is not closed when skt is garbage collected.

You can download a little old examples using this trick at:

Best regards,