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I built the 5.1 version of the compile, lua.exe (using lua.c, print.c and 
the lualib as mentioned in the INSTALL) but when I issue the line:

lua bin2c.lua +test1.lua

I get a message that lua.exe cannot open +test1.lua: No such file or 
directory.  It looks like lua.exe is traversing the argument list rather 
than handing it over to the bin2c.lua file.

If I just do "lua test1.lua" or "lua bin2c.lua" I see the byte code produced 
so I'm getting close :)

Is there a way I can make the system think that the +test1.lua is one of the 
arguments to the bin2c.lua that is being interpreted?

Edward E.L. Mitchell
Phone: (239)415-7039
6707 Daniel Court
Fort Myers, FL 33908