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On 27/04/2007, at 11:32, Bertrand Mansion wrote:
Is it possible to download the blog source code, along with all the required modules to make it work ?

Yes, from
but if you are interested in helping us get there I'd ask you to join the Kepler list. :o)

If Kepler is going the WSGI road and Orbit is going to be the "recommended" way to develop web applications, this blog application would probably be a good example to understand the concepts, at least for me... The WSAPI implementation I have seen here <> doesn't really look like WSAPI, unless I didn't grasp the concept. Is this what you will use in place of WSAPI or is there another implementation planned ?

Hum... maybe there is another WSAPI that we were not aware of. Are you refering to some already existing thing? Sorry if this sound stupid, but WSAPI for us is just a name we came to when refering to the Web Server API.

Our view of WSAPI is of a filter based API that abstracts the communication with the web server. Over that filters there are helper modules that implement Request and Response classes. This is what you saw at that SVN trunk.

Just keep in mind that all of this WSAPI/Orbit/Blog stuff is inteded for Kepler 1.2, not for the next release of Kepler (1.1) on LuaForge.

Thanks for asking