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Le 27 avr. 07 à 15:56, Andre Carregal a écrit :

Although things are still maturing, there is already a blog developed with Orbit running over WSAPI, which proves the architecture proposal for Kepler 1.2. As a comparision, Sputnik still uses Lua Pages and CGILua over SAPI launchers (aka Kepler 1.1).

Thanks for your work :)

Is it possible to download the blog source code, along with all the required modules to make it work ? If Kepler is going the WSGI road and Orbit is going to be the "recommended" way to develop web applications, this blog application would probably be a good example to understand the concepts, at least for me... The WSAPI implementation I have seen here <http://> doesn't really look like WSAPI, unless I didn't grasp the concept. Is this what you will use in place of WSAPI or is there another implementation planned ?

Bertrand Mansion
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