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Since I'm about to travel, and won't have much time to work on non-work
related projects for a while, I've put up a tarball of the current
ldb tarball. There's a link on the CVSTrac page at

Hopefully this time I got all the URLs right.

The files have been organized a bit, and I've fixed all the bugs
which were reported. There's also a new version of the apicheck
patch, which has been cleaned up a bit, and has at least a
README, if not full documentation.

The debugger is still a work in progress, of course, but I think
it's usable. I'm using it, and I believe some other people
are as well. So enjoy. If you find any issues, please file a ticket
on the CVSTrac. I know it's a bit more work than the mailing list,
but I can't guarantee that I'll see mailing list messages until
early June, whereas I will be able to scan through the tickets
when I get back. Don't expect a rapid response -- I'll probably
be without internet access at all for most of May.

There are a number of enhancements I'd like to make; I've filed
tickets for all of them so you can see what the plans are. I'm
aiming for a beta release towards the end of June; the main issue
is ticket #3 (very slow when the call stack gets deep, and some
related problems with deep call stacks.) This is really a design
error from the beginning, but I know how to fix it; I just don't
have time to do any reasonable testing before I leave.