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Steve Heller wrote:
--- Rici Lake <> wrote:

Steve Heller wrote:
Unfortunately, I still can't get it to set the
breakpoint. The file name shows up as this in ldb:


Oops. I'll change the id() function so that it uses source
instead of short_src if the source is a filename.

so I had to guess at the beginning of the name, but so
far I haven't been able to guess correctly.

Also, the latest version doesn't pass the arguments in
correctly as far as I can tell.

I'll put up a new tarball a bit later on. Right now, the
changes are only going into CVS, so you'd need to grab
the files directly out of the CVSTrac browser. Sorry.
I'll set up anonymous CVS access as soon as I figure out
how to do it without compromising the server.