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--- Rici Lake <> wrote:

> Steve Heller wrote:
> > I also have another question: exactly how do I set
> a
> > breakpoint in a file? I've tried this:
> > 
> > b
> >
> Without the :
> eg.
> b foo.lua 18
> I don't have a windows machine right now, so I don't
> know whether it
> would be / or \ but my guess is that it would be \.
> The filename
> must be exactly as it appears in the functions
> 'source' property,
> which is not very convenient since you don't know a
> priori what
> that says. You can see it once you're in the
> debugger, though;
> when you single step through the file, ldb displays
> its view of
> the current filename.

Unfortunately, I still can't get it to set the
breakpoint. The file name shows up as this in ldb:


so I had to guess at the beginning of the name, but so
far I haven't been able to guess correctly.

Also, the latest version doesn't pass the arguments in
correctly as far as I can tell.

> I'd love to make this simpler to use, but it's not
> immediately
> clear to me how to do so.