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Rici Lake <> wrote:
> Thomas Lauer wrote:
> > Two quick comments: I have a patched version of Lua with a "continue"
> I guess that underlines Roberto's point about changing the Lua grammar.
> I would say that if you add a keyword to Lua, you're going to have to
> expect problems like that.

Of course. That was why I was (quoting myself) "not at all suggesting"
you change any of your code. It's just that "continue" is such an
obvious candidate for a keyword...

> One has to take responsibility for one's own modifications,

Yeah, I am fully aware of that.

> filing a ticket in CVSTrac, by the way? Is the process too awkward?

No, didn't try, mainly because this was such a small and quick thing.
Will next time:-)

> ldb is designed to be usable from C as well. I've been using it that
> way since I started it. If you look at ldbglue.c, you'll find a simple
> function which can be called directly from the gdb command line (I
> presume that other debugging tools let you do that as well.) It's
> really made my life easier in debugging C modules; being able to
> flip into a Lua-aware stack inspector is quite handy.

I'll check that out.