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Rici Lake <> wrote:

> debugger for Lua
> <rest snipped>

Very nice.

Two quick comments: I have a patched version of Lua with a "continue"
statement which clashes with your continue statement. I am not at all
suggesting that you change your stuff just because of that (it's easy to
do this locally). However, "continue" might at some point be a reserved
word in Lua. (There's always hope.)

Second, in line 354 you have "info = getinfo(base + level, "nSluf")"
This should be "local info...", right? I saw this while I tried to get
ldb working with my Strict module. (Thanks to ldb I even discovered a
bug in my code.)

Other than that it works beautifully for me. Unfortunately, I am working
more on the C side of things currently. Still, it's a valuable tool.

Thanks for sharing it.