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Gerhard Sittig wrote:
> I understand that this call is somewhat related to my filing the support
> request? :)  And the fact that these requests have been the same over
> the past years. :>

Indeed. :o)

> [...]

> So I went ahead and started a "LuaForgeNewProject" page last night in
> the wiki.  Currently there is a rough outline of what might
> need to be described there, but details are missing.  There already have
> been followups, too, questioning whether this document belongs to the
> wiki or not.  The current line seems to be to develop the page in the
> wiki and to certainly move it to LuaForge when it's useful (I
> understand that this was the idea right from the start).

Thanks a lot for the initiave and for your work. Documenting LuaForge will
certainly not be an easy task, but we now have a very nice starting point.

Instead of using lua-users wiki we have created (thanks to Fabio
Mascarenhas) a temporary wiki for LuaForge details on:

Gerhard , would you mind moving your content there? Let me know if need any
help with formating.

While everyone is invited to contribute to this wiki, just keep in mind that
someday in the future it will be moved to, so any bookmarks or
RSS feeds will have to be updated.

> [...]

> What's most important is to actually collect the information which is
> needed but currently missing.  And contributors who have mastered a step
> and know how to do something as well as those who still have the problem
> and can tell what would help them.  Doing the markup once the content is
> there is less urgent.

Exactly, any contributions to the wiki will benefit everyone involved with
LuaForge, project managers and users.

Thanks in advance for everyone helping on this issue.