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Apologies up front if this didn't thread well; I only receive the
digest, so I'm trying to trick the mailer into inserting it into the
correct thread.

luc1an0 wrote:

| For the moment, yes... Maybe we change for LigHTTPD if THTTPD is too
| restrictive, but it's not the actual question at work.

I did have some initial success using Kepler and its CGI module with
thttpd. I'll caveat that by stating that I didn't test it that
extensively, but I would advise you to sign up to the Kepler mailing
list [1]. They have a bunch of responsive and helpful folks there who help
trouble-shoot or flat-out fix any issues that seem to crop up.

My original post to the Kepler mailing list with instructions on setting up Kepler + thttpd can be found here [2].


Keith Pimmel