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Peter Odding wrote:
> As a test for myself and LPeg I wrote a
> lexer/tokenizer[1] based on the BNF at and a syntax
> highlighter[2] to try it out.

Good school exercise...
Very fine example, and useful too.

Andy Stark wrote:
Would it be feasible/desirable for a future version of Lua to use PEG
techniques (coded in C) in its own parser? If LPEG was distributed as a
standard library, then would it be possible for Lua's parser to be written
in Lua, perhaps with a few extra library functions)?

Same reaction as Peter, what for? The current lexer will be probably always faster than an LPeg implementation (as it is hand-written), and is able to handle subtle corner cases of syntax... On the other hand, I suppose it would delight people wanting to customize Lua syntax... :-)
One can rewrite at least luac this way (direct bytecode generation).

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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