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Peter Odding wrote:
Hi all! Despite my interest in LPeg it took me till last week to try it out. First evaluation: it rocks :). I think LPeg can be for Lua what regex are for Perl. That is, in popularity, because LPeg's flexibility and speed are already
amazing. This says *a lot*. As a test for myself and LPeg I wrote a
lexer/tokenizer[1] based on the BNF at and a syntax
highlighter[2] to try it out. Both are public domain, so if anyone wants to put them on the wiki[1] or if Roberto wants to include the lexer as an example with
LPeg, that's fine with me.

As noted in the readme for the lexer I think it should handle all syntax but I
might have missed a number format or something. Corrections welcome.

Thank you Roberto for this most wonderful library!

thanks for the nice example!



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