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On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 15:12 +0200, luc1an0 wrote:
> In a little different way, I have a question.. Is there any plugin for 
> write lua code in html which is directly interpreted by server (like 
> php) ? Specially for THTTPD...

I doubt there's any such plugin for thttpd. There are however content
generators out there which do what you need. Kepler probably has one,
there's LuaCGI and also there's Aranha which I write.

If you must work with thttpd then you want a CGI such as LuaCGI, however
if you are prepared to run with a more comprehensive web server such as
Apache, LigHTTPD or others then you might be able to use a FastCGI such
as Aranha.

Links to some of the projects above are easily googled for, if you want
to peek at Aranha then look at

Take care,