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Any version >= 5.0.2 is rather fine. Lua people often use a bit older versions, if they provide the features they want.

What are your uc capabilities (RAM size, FPU or none)?

Wiki ( is worth a look, but often outdated, and reference to which version (Lua 4 or 5) is not always explicitly stated.

src/luaconf.h is your first place to look; one can customize Lua to use any number type (almost), only integers etc. If you want performance but no functionality crippleness, there's also a known- good but experimental integer patch for this usage: http://

Prepare to have 100-200kB for code (you can strip parts of Lua easily off, if you need). Some 100+ kB of RAM, depending on your use (bare launching Lua takes some 40kB). Search the list for more comments from people along the years.

Lua 4 and Lua 5 are not very different, when it comes to their requirements.


Jose Marin kirjoitti 4.4.2007 kello 14:30:


What's the Lua version best suitable for restricted environments (like using microcontrollers)?

It's allways best to use the last version, or there is some specific version of Lua best for very restricted projects?



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