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>>>>> "MB" == Michael Broughton <> writes:

 MB> I get the impression that you think my library is doing string
 MB> substitutions for the parameters. Am I mistaken?

 MB> Query parameters are actually sent as an array, separately from the
 MB> query string. I am just using the query param syntax that Postgres
 MB> wants.

I'm thinking about perl DBD/DBI analogue mostly, even *DBC 

 MB> Mike

 MB> eugeny gladkih wrote:
 >> what about more flexible idea - using separate statement and
 >> bindings?
 >> local stmt = conn:statement( "SELECT a, b, c FROM t WHERE d > $d AND e = $e" )
 >> local rs, count = stmt:selectResultSet( { d=1; e="abc" } )

Yours sincerely, Eugeny.
Doctor Web, Ltd.