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 Lua Binaries for OpenWatcom are for Win32 only, and they are build using
"wcc386.exe". You will not be able to use it for MS-DOS. You will have to
recompile Lua.

 But if you want to use it in a command promt in Windows then you are just
using the wrong compiler.


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> Sent: domingo, 1 de abril de 2007 13:26
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> Subject: Compiling on Open Watcom?
> Hello everyone!
> How do I compile my Lua 5.0.3 app with Open Watcom for MS-DOS?
> I have this:
> wcc -fo=temp.o exe\main.c -i%LUA_INCLUDE% wlink import 
> %LUA_LIB%\lua50.lib file temp.o >wlink_out.txt
> wlink gives me many undefined references (including Lua 
> ones), but I believe the first 3 errors are the culprit. They say:
> Warning! W1008: cannot open clibs.lib : file not found 
> Warning! W1008: cannot open math87s.lib : file not found 
> Warning! W1008: cannot open emu87.lib : file not found
> Any ideas why? I got the owc1 libraries from LuaBinaries.
> Thanks in advance!
> (And sorry for posting so many questions at once...)