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BTW, is there a good porting guide somewhere? I need something for what I call an “embedded” environment; i.e. not embedded in other software, but embedded in a hardware device with limited resources. Also, I’m working with version 5.0.2.


I'm very interested in the work you are doing, as I'm busy
porting 5.1.1 onto an ARM7 with 256K flash and 64K RAM.

I finally figured out one of my problems which was that
my memory allocator was not forcing the block size to an
aligned value.

I'm not sure about the 68331 but it might require aligned
access too.

There are a lot of reallocs when Lua runs, and I'm worried about
heap fragmentation. I need to instrument it to make sure that
it's not a bigger problem than I think it is, though...

I agree a porting guide would be handy, maybe that would
make an interesting Lua GEM?