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On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 10:24:10AM +0100, Philippe Lhoste wrote:
> Somebody that goes against the flow... :-)
> "I've been working with Lua recently - can't say that I like it very 
> much. It has some remarkably academic features for something that's used 
> so commerically, but it's a complete pig to work with and it's hard not 
> to sit and frown at the (in my opinion) ugly design."
> He has the right to have an opinion, of course, but I regret he doesn't 
> expand on what design flaws he found. Such out of the blue remark isn't 
> useful / constructive / credible. Even less when written after a day of 
> programming...

There is an old expression that suggests that "first" impressions we humans
receive from *anything* we encounter, generally becomes our reality. This
guy got off on the wrong track with Lua -- so he's negative at the language
in its entirety.

My first impression of Lua is also negative!! The language may be 100%
superior to all others, but for me as a newbee, that's not the point. The
documentation for both Kepler and Lua are geared toward the accomplished C
programmer. *That's Bad*. I've been trying to get help on:
kepler forum at LuaForge - nothing; nada; nobody home
lua forum at IcyNorth - nothing; nada; nobody home
kepler mailing list - my subscription appears to be hosed - I check the
archives, the message is there, but I get no mail from the list. At any
rate, no answers -- again nobody home.

So how do you expect to make converts to Lua /Kepler? On comp*lang*perl, some
may be a bunch of snarky bastards, but at least you get an answer!

So far, the Lua test-driving experience has sucked! However, something tells me
that this is the language that I should be using for web development. The sad
fact is that I've spent more time getting things working and talking to each
other than actually programming and learning Lua. I'll keep at it until I get
sick of jumping through hoops, then I'll go look at Euphoria or something.
</rant> Later...
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