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Hello Lua,

  lua can only push lightuserdata into the stack, but sometimes we
  need push a full userdata.

  When I wrote a gui system in lua, the widget in C get the message
  from os first, and then I need convert the widget to the lua object
  for dispatching the message. In fact , my widget have a pointer
  return by lua_newuserdata , but there is no api to convert back this
  pointer to a lua object.

  Now, I create a weak table in registry. Then use luaL_ref to get a
  reference of the object, and save the reference number in my widget.
  When I need convert the pointer back to the lua object, I can use
  the reference number to lookup that weak table .

  But I think it's a expensive way, Adding a new api lua_pushuserdata
  to convert the pointer back will much cheaper.

LUA_API void lua_pushuserdata (lua_State *L, void *p) {
  Udata *u;
  u = cast(Udata *,p) - 1;
  setuvalue(L, L->top, u);

  This api would be unsafe, because the pointer p may be not a
  userdata alloc by lua , or the userdata has already been collected.
  But we can use it on our own risk. If someone use it in a wrong way,
  it's not lua's fault.

Best regards,

[吾生也有涯, 而知也无涯]