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For my own side; I stay away SWIG. Last (only) time I looked, it's such a complicated system. But it would be acceptable in a project where the whole C API has been planned for scripting (and SWIG) from day one. Otherwise, I like keeping things simple.

Any pointers to the existing ncurses?

- -asko

David Given kirjoitti 4.12.2006 kello 19.56:

Asko Kauppi wrote:
As to the other half, I started making ncurses module today.
Estimated ready in 2 weeks.

Actually, there do seem to be a number already, plus swig bindings.

Regarding swig:

Given the swig supports Lua pretty well, and that swig bindings work on lots of different languages, is there any advantage to hand-rolled bindings over swig's? Other than efficiency issues, of course, which are likely to be marginal.

Is there any kind of central repository of swig bindings that I can pillage?

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