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On Wed, Nov 29, 2006 at 11:18:02AM +0200, wrote:
> PLEASE don't cut out essential information when quoting.
> The last two messages are not containing what exactly was 
> the "generic do block" suggestion, in short.   I tried to 
> hunt that message down, in vain (details don't matter). 
>  Keeping essential details within a mail thread is imho 
> good manners, and helpful.  Isn't it?  :)

There was nothing wrong with his quoting; it was done properly, keeping
only the immediate context of his reply and nothing more.  Your reply
was done poorly by contrast: top-posted, with three whole mails nested
and no attempt at only keeping the needed quotes.  Quotes should not
keep the entire thread logged, but just enough to give context to the
reply (as I've done here).

You don't trace back a conversation through quotes, you do that with
threading.  If your mailer doesn't thread for you, it's time to get a
better one; it's an important feature for any mailing list use.

Glenn Maynard