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I already have a LuaCOM compiled for Lua 5.1, but had problems with
COM servers written in Lua, and am still working on them. The client
code seems to be working fine, but I haven't run extensive tests, so I
didn't put a release candidate online.

Apart from making it work with Lua 5.1, I don't have any plans for
LuaCOM. But of course I welcome patches (diffs against the CVS tree).


On 11/24/06, Matt Campbell <> wrote:

I notice that there has been no news on the LuaCOM home page since June
2005.  Most notably, there is still no release that officially supports
Lua 5.1.  So what is LuaCOM's status?  Does it need a new maintainer?
Matt Campbell
Lead Programmer
Serotek Corporation
"The Accessibility Anywhere People"