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I have some large datasets that I am translating into Lua tables.  The
datasets are in the 100's of kB but the Lua translations are in the
1's of MB.  I found that if I use zlib to compress the resultant >1MB
Lua data files, the files shring to 10's of kB.

I'm faced with opting for simplicity and letting the files grow by an
order of magnitude or opting for adding zlib and shrinking the
datafiles by an order of magnitude.

Lua reads the >1MB data files surprisingly quickly so I'm probably
going to opt for simplicity and omit zlib support.  However, I'd like
to know if anyone in the readership of the Lua mailing list has
experience with adding zlib support to the Lua core such that
luaL_loadfile(), require(), etc., could transparently deal with
.lua.gz as well as .lua files.

 Ken Smith