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On Thu, Nov 16, 2006 at 11:29:05PM +0100, Jose Luis Hidalgo wrote:
> Of course it can exists, but... The code will be similar to the one I
> posted, look that you need to call a function, What if that function
> call fails? What if the "__len" is a pice of code tha does something
> invalid? IMHO calls like lua_getobjlen are supposed to not fail...

It would be consistent for it to act like lua_gettable: fail if a
metamethod fails, with "lua_objlenraw" as the current function.

> Its very easy to generalize the function to call whatever other
> metamethod, I'd rather lua API as it is, simple, small and very easy
> to extend... I don't see any necessity of making more complex the lua
> API for such easy-to-implement-by-my-own calls... just an opinion :)

You shouldn't need to implement calls yourself that Lua has already
implemented.  That just leads to inconsistent behavior and redundant

Glenn Maynard