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> >Perhaps this would be best done as an independent project rather than as
> >the main distribution method for the Lua manual?
> >
>     I'm sure a clever Lua script could generate a docbook XML from
> the HTML manual. :-)

The problem is which docbook... I had PiL2 as a docbook. Each time
I installed a different docbook tool in my machine I had to change
something to validate it. For instance, some tools still work with SGML,
others with XML. (And they are not compatible!) Some only work with a
subset of docbook (e.g., simplified docbook), others with another subset
(e.g., O'Reilly chosen tags). There are small differencies also in what
each tool considers mandatory or optional.

But if people can agree on a set of tools (and agree that docbook would
be useful), I can try again.

-- Roberto