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But I think that's not the truth. I have done this with Borland C++ Builder
6.0 before, everything is OK. So I guess is this an unknown bug?

[] 代表 Alex Queiroz
发送时间: 2006年11月16日 20:08
收件人: Lua list
主题: Re: application crashes while calling luaopen_io


On 11/16/06, missdeer <> wrote:
> I am working on an application with MSVC7.1. I compiled the Lua 5.1.1 by
> myself, then tried to link static or dynamic library into my project, but
> crashes while luaopen_io being called every time, even when I add the Lua
> source code to my project..
> Any suggestion?

     You must call the luaopen_* functions as Lua functions, i.e.,
using lua_call().