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I have used lua in various embedded environments, including embedded linux,
windriver, and ucos.  The environment is C.  The rom space averages around
100K and I use a standalone heap for lua.  The size of the stand alone heap
I have used is around 100K.  Useful work can be done with this size of
heap.  May have to manually envoke garbage collector in applications.

Still in many embedded enviroments a 100K of RAM is not available due to
power and cost reasons. I am working on constructs where useful stuff could
be done with a 32K or 16K heap.

Bottom line Lua can run in a very small environment.

Glenn Edgar

>hi Jason,
>I think it might not be lua interpreter's problem, but up to the
>platform and C compiler.
>If no lua library is loaded, lua interpreter only use 920KB mem on my
>If io is loaded, the number changed to 940KB -- only 20KB more
>but the simplest helloword program written in C will take 876KB.
>If you are using some embeded system, maybe you can just have a try.
>And please kindly post your result if possible :-)
>Tsong Chong
>&#22312; 06-11-14&#65292;jason zhang<>

> Hi,
> I build a Lua5.1 interpreter in Linux, without any library. From the
> /proc/pid/status,
> It show that the Lua interpreter use about 1M RSS memory. Is this the
> minimum memory usage of Lua?
> Is there anyway to reduce it?
> Regards,
> Jason
> Tel:86-10-88366185-866 

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