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	I'd be interested in taking part. I need to document a lot of our major
scripts around the end of the year, while we're between projects. These will be done with training in mind, so I'll probably be writing something "Gem-like"
no matter what.

	A topic that comes to mind is "Some object-oriented uses of the __call
metamethod"(or something more catchy). I have, for instance, function objects that can be used for dispatching on multiple types(similar to CLOS generics)[1] and sandwiching a function between before- and after-functions in a nice way.
Plus several uses to go along with these. And I'm sure many of you could
supplement this with more examples, if it wasn't enough. (Or even if it was,
I'd like to see others.)

	I have a few decent iterators and coroutine uses, too.

	WISH LIST: I could probably come up with more later, but a topic I'd like
to see is "Some interesting uses of function environments"(or something more
catchy :P ). I don't have any; thus the wish.

[1] Dispatching on multiple types implies a type system. I've got that too, but so does everybody else. How self-contained(within the Gem, within the section, within the book, etc.) does a Gem need to be? When in doubt, can we just say
"See the CD/website"?

If you are interested in writing one or more Lua Programming Gems, please
state your intention here in lua-l. If there is enough interest, then a
separate channel will be created for further discussion.

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