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Hi all,

Karel Tuma wrote:
so finally someone managed yueliang to do something meaningful!
definitively looks promising! .. i always wished for ASTs in lua
of some sort but was too lazy to dig into yueliang that deep.
(not to mention it's 5.0 based iirc)

Glad to see it being used. A brief update on Yueliang. I coded Yueliang as a no-brainer port of the C code, currently the front end only, and I've recently restarted work on it. I've been adding comments liberally for educational purposes and rewriting the 5.0.2 Lua llex, then got a bit sidetracked optimizing a simplified version of the lexer down to 3346 bytes, compiled and stripped.

Many thanks to Fabien, he has done all the work updating the code to 5.1. I've been putting off updating to 5.1 for too long. I'll check out Metalua, then update my svn files and make a release for Yueliang soon.

My short-term goal is to write an incremental parser for Lua syntax checking on SciTE, so I can get immediate squiggly-line feedback. :-)


Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia