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On 11/10/06, Karel Tuma <> wrote:
(not to mention it [yueliang] is 5.0 based iirc)

It is, I updated its code generator and dumper to 5.1. I'll backport it to yueliang at some point... The only part left to update will be lparser.lua, although most of parts to update can be cut and pasted from the AST compiler.
oh wait. it's inspired by haskell, isn't it that language useful only
for writing compilers of itself or it was ocaml?

Haskell is really good at writing compilers, including but not limited to self-compilers. OCaml is really good at just about everything, actually :) </ocaml-fan>

Actually, Haskell's original purpose was to be a common testbed for advanced language theory features. Once correctly understood in the (obsessively clean) context of Haskell, a concept can be ported to more pragmatic (messier) languages...

kt@brm:metalua$ cat compact.lua

That's a really neat hack, I've been unsuccessfully looking for something like that to ease packaging. Thanks!

-- Fabien.