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                        IEEE Software Special Issue
       Rapid Application Development with Dynamically Typed Languages
                              Call for Papers

                    Publication:  September/October 2007
                    Submission Deadline: 1 February 2007


Dynamically typed programming languages were once seen as slow,  
and suitable only for small throw-away tasks. However, their  
ability to aid
rapid systems development and to facilitate the pervasive, mobile,  
frequently updated systems that are increasingly in demand in the  
world has led to their stock rising considerably.

While developers are ever keen to find out more about the details  
of dynamic
programming languages, managers are interested in finding out how  
they can
complement existing approved languages without diluting their  
technical focus.

We thus solicit contributions in several areas related to dynamic
programming languages. Topics of interest include:

  * Dynamic programming languages "in use".
  * Organizations' experiences in integrating dynamic programming  
    into their existing language menagerie.
  * Experiences of and techniques for using dynamic programming  
    effectively (including efficiency and scalability concerns).
  * How dynamic programming languages have evolved and how they might
    develop in the future.
  * New techniques in challenging areas such as metaprogramming,  
    dynamic reconfigurability, and mobility.

For detailed author guidelines, please visit:

Manuscripts must not exceed 5,400 words including figures and  
tables, which
count for 200 words each. Submissions in excess of these limits  
may be
rejected without refereeing. The articles we deem within the  
theme's scope
will be peer-reviewed and are subject to editing for magazine style,
clarity, organization, and space.

For more information, please contact the Guest Editors Laurence  
Tratt and
Roel Wuyts at
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