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On 11/6/06, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
We are considering the publication of a book on "Lua Programming Gems",
along the lines of the famous "Graphics Gems" series and other similar
series. The purpose of this message is to probe whether there is enough
interest in such a project.
If you are interested in writing one or more Lua Programming Gems, please
state your intention here in lua-l. If there is enough interest, then a
separate channel will be created for further discussion.


Great idea! I would like to contribute to this effort.
I think that "Lua Gems" should be complementary to PiL2 and to cover
advanced topics of Lua programming such as:

* Useful Lua debugging techniques
* Concurrent (including multi-threading) programming in  Lua
* Lua and the Web (Kepler project...)
* Embedding/Extending Lua: design patterns and difficult cases
* Lua graphics bindings (wxLua, luaQt, etc)
* Distributed Lua programming, Lua-RPC, data serialization
* Lua and databases

Or well, might be too much for a single book:-)