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I'd be happy to contribute to the project, for writing, polishing or reviewing articles. Even if not much people propose by themselves, maybe you can make a list of subjects you want to turn into gems, and then anyone could pick one in the list and become the maintainer of that particular article. There are plenty of places on the wiki and the list archives to find ideas.

An especially good source of gems would be the "requests for additions" sent to the list that turned out to be solvable in pure Lua without modification of the core. They most often use advanced tricks, changing semantics of the language, and perfectly show the flexibility and high-level-ness of the language. :-)

> -----Message d'origine-----
> De : 
> [] De la part de 
> Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
> Envoyé : 6 novembre 2006 16:14
> À :
> Objet : Lua Programming Gems?
> We are considering the publication of a book on "Lua 
> Programming Gems", along the lines of the famous "Graphics 
> Gems" series and other similar series. The purpose of this 
> message is to probe whether there is enough interest in such 
> a project.
> The intention of the book is to collect and publish existing 
> wisdom and practice on how to program well in Lua. Gems can 
> range from detailed tutorials on Lua features to advanced 
> techniques and tricks. In particular, the book will be an 
> opportunity for wiki authors and other Lua experts to polish 
> and publish their contributions.
> The book will be edited by the Lua team and published by 
>, like PiL and the Reference Manual. We shall ask 
> contributors to the book to donate the rights on their 
> contributions to us so that all proceeds from these sales can 
> go directly to support the Lua project. (We are aware that 
> this may be an unusual request, but we don't have the 
> resources to manage the payment of royalties to individual authors.)
> If you are interested in writing one or more Lua Programming 
> Gems, please state your intention here in lua-l. If there is 
> enough interest, then a separate channel will be created for 
> further discussion.
> Thanks.
> --lhf