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Matthew M. Burke wrote:

Darn!  That's the problem with receiving this list as a digest.  I was
going to point this out, but now I'm reduced to posting a silly "me too"
comment :(

Me too then. I started programming in Forth 20 years ago. In fact I
started programming before that on an HP-41C calculator. It was
RPN based, which made the transition to Forth less ... awkward :-)

To add a little value:  one of the things I like about Forth: the
ability to easily create custom control structures.  Of course
forthwrights also get into endless discussions about whether switch is a
solution seeking a problem...

My little value-add is that what I like about Lua is the same as
what I liked about Forth - one programmer can grok the source, and
then modify it to their own needs.

Of course, this is what eventually drew me to Lua, there were too many
incompatible Forths out there and eventually the promise of code that
could run on many different computers became meaningless.

Maybe there's a lesson there...